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  Sally "Snow White" Livingston is a marriage counselor, baker, and a mother all at once. A crazy life is an understatement for her. Though, through her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior, she knows she can handle anything thrown her way.  


   Sally and her husband Scott Livingston, have thre kids, Leah, Andrew, and Sarah. Leah is seventeen, Andrew is fifteen, and Sarah is thirteen, and they all attend Westminster Christian School.The family resides in Miami, Florida where they enjoy living most.  Sally loves all three of her children and has raised them all very well. Her husband works as a concert promoter in his own small business. Sally is one of the best marriage councelors/phsycologists in Miami, but she also takes pride in her baking and being a mom and a wife.  


 This is just a look into the life of Sally Livingston, but she has plenty more to offer.



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