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My parents were good parents because they were forward looking. They kept one eye to the future and prepared us. When we left our parents home, we did so with confidence because we were well equipped to cope with the world. We knew how to work. We knew how to handle money. We knew how to stand up for our beliefs. We knew how to treat others fairly. We knew to expect little from the world and to expect much from ourselves.

As much as you would like to keep your family unit together, children are not here to stay. Sooner or later they will spread their wings and fly from the nest. You have failed them if you have not prepared them to succeed outside of your influence.

Good parents keep this in mind and their training and mentoring is geared to prepare their children to leave home. Teaching a child independence is the hallmark of good parents. Children who have been taught to be independent learn to look to themselves rather then to rely on others to solve their problems. This is so very vital in coping with all of the challenges that life throws at them. They are able to find their success much more easily .

They tend to have more love and respect for their parents for teaching them to deal with life. Children who have been taught independence make better parents themselves..

So if you want to be a better parent, prepare your child to leave home.


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